What if there is NO search engine?

08-Dec-2022 11:05 AM
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Have you ever wonder why we have a search engine? Or why don’t we only have a search engine? Or some of you also have this question roaming around you that, What if there is no search engine at all? Today we’ll answer all of yours queries and try to solve the conundrum behind the particular issue by giving the simplified and categorical form of solution which will latter help you to know the better about the variety of search engine. Today there is no one in the universe who could ever imagine living without using social networking sites for example very famous Facebook, Instagram, and tweeter who known to build a powerful search engine for their users and usually spend more than half dozen million dollars on the search engine.



In today’s world, there is barely anyone who doesn’t use or know what social media is? Or what does a search engine does to social networking platform? Most of us even every one of us have used applications like Facebook or Instagram and we also accept the fact that such application needs some stage to perform an action, from stage I mean a particular type of platform which is nothing but search engine itself. This blog is going to explore some of the important points that you should take into consideration before passing any judgment or decision.



Everybody of us wants to build an empire as early as possible but there are very few of us who actually want to understand the basics of the concept. It doesn’t matter whether you are upholding good values in business or earning high revenue, what does matter is how much you sustain that value in your work or maintain the level of truthfulness in your business, and this can only be developed by regular analysis or proper maintenance your website needs to stand at some of the other places, and if you don’t leave any space for the search engine to get tackle the applications or web-pages then you are dragging yourself. A set of defined analysis can be very beneficial for your landing page to obey sincerely. Lastly, one should do his homework in order to be smooth going in search results.



Now we know that the search engine has the utmost importance in digital marketing without it we can’t see anything working. Furthermore, let’s broaden our horizon in understanding more about search engines. They have thousands of pages or even more than that which function and work on a set of algorithms, which helps in reading and managing the online content, afterword the data is getting fetch by the end-user through its source i.e.; crawling. Once it was done perfectly, the processing & indexing stage begins its route through a series of guided steps. Finally, once the data is processed, it gets split-up into files, inserted into a database, or loaded into memory where it's accessed when a search is performed.  



All in all, we now attain some knowledge about search engines alongside some glimpse into the working of search engines. The mentioned information cited enough evidence about “what if there is no search engine”. Lastly, the world’s internet is fuelled by search engines in the form of search done by people across the globe, thus maintaining its cruciality in the world of digital marketing.

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